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Вниманию МАНУНИ.

балцаджы цалх: Вот это кто-то тиснул сегодня на английском сумо-форуме - """Im Natasha, and i come to this forum long time ago Since 2006 i try help my friend Yulia and Boris, Yulia is a fan of sumo too specially Mr Mitsuhiko Fukao This because his brother Boris study to be a journalist in Moscow University, they write in a small magazine of sports to University. In 2005 he watch Fukao win the World Sumo Challenge and have interest in make a interview with him, because now Sumo is big in Russia with Orora and others Well but university will give only US$3000 to Boris make interview with Fukao in Nihon University Sumo Club What our idea? Someone who know Nichidai Sumo Club and Fukao help us making pictures of him, friends and club and maybe translate questions of to ask him Unfortunately no one want help and say bad words to me and friends, as we 'crazy guys' and other words If someone want helpf repply us ok? This serious but without a friend inside Nichidai never we will can make this, and im sorry if this topic no right here but where we can have help?"""

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Miliza: Девушко, Котенок Гав, значит, знание немецкого языка и несколько публикаций? А потом еще три месяца? Халява? Вы уверены?) Два года собираете зачеты? И сколько собрали?)) Просто интересно)). Гы

Котенок Гав: Халява-халява. Только я в ней уже не нуждаюсь. Рада, что Вас так волнует моя судьба. Четвертый год собираю зачеты, диплом пописываю Взаимный Гы

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